The notorious frog tells a story of life in the early 21st century

Pepe expresses the emotions and circumstances of everyday life, from the surreal to the mundane.

One example depicting a lineage of Pepes

Following classic greentext format, a Shakespearean twist on meta memes completes the virtuous cycle.

Pepe’s public renaissance: A protestor’s poster has renewed his role as representing freedom rather than authoritarian regimes.

A toast to absurdity

“Ukraine’s president is a comedian while the American president is the joke”

A double dose of satire makes the medicine go down


The prophecy of 2016

Speaking of prophecy, Epstein’s death quickly generated rumours and Pepe served as the face of those discussing the conspiracy before the media picked up on the idea.

At the end of the day, it’s just shitposting to make light of bleak situations.

But there is hope in the strangest places

Meaning isn’t found in the content online but the users who attempt to depict life itself through different perspectives

Some relatable, some not so much.

It doesn’t matter because you know there might be someone who appreciates it, and so in that thought you connect with them, a template of a person who gets it

Or just wants to make you laugh

Is it the military-industrial complex or chaos and fear? The confusion is due to situational complexity but the disinformation and lies make it worse.

Nostalgia underscores modern consumerism to comfort all generation in various ways, from Marvel comics to Saturday morning cartoons.

Memelord Tommy Wiseau x Pepe might be the best cross over because one can easily envision him “acting” out the panel on the right.