Who is Rafael Alfandary?

This mystery has been following me for over a decade now, and attempts to solve it have only led to more questions. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I love internet mysteries and for some reason, this strikes me as weird. Like, intentionally memory-hole’d levels of weird. Let’s see if you agree.

This project is pretty much the last thing I should be working on right now, but hey life is short and the world needs to know about Rafael. I will need to break up this story into parts, mostly because there is a lot to say, along with several images I’d like to include, all of which might leave you scrolling for hours by the time I bring you up to speed. Additionally, it will force me to break up the work into separate days and weeks, otherwise, I’ll be tempted to binge-write this entire thing in one sitting. So for your sake and for mine, here’s the table of contents as currently envisioned:

Chapter 1 – Introductions

Chapter 2 – Where did you go??

Chapter 3 – Suspicions arise…

Chapter 4 – Backburner’d

Epilogue – Image collection