Sophia Speaks

An on-going collection of words of wisdom uncovered randomly online and irl where anonymity is intentional. Originality and profundity is not the purpose of this page, instead, its contents offer a gentle reminder for those in need.
People don’t have ideas, ideas have people. -Carl Jung

“What is the salve to protect the mind against being penetrated by hate? A solid foundation of loving yourself. Be kind to yourself and understand yourself as you are, not some idealized image of yourself judged by some twisted idea of how you ‘ought’ to be. You are exactly as you should be, everyone is. Once this initial step is made in earnest and not based on superficialities on how you think you ought to be loved. Once this is done your mind is opened to the reality around you -accepting the world as it is because you can accept yourself as you are. This acceptance is indifferent, it simply allows you to be as you are and this is the foundation of love. Projecting this acceptance into the world then projects a capability to love. Love is not a good attraction towards something, it is the reverence and acceptance of that thing. Revere the world around you, see your role within it, begin to love yourself as a part of the world around you and you give your life meaning. This meaning is not inherited from ANYONE, but built on your own understanding of yourself and the world. As you experience more of the world and accept it, you grow your capability to love, and thus grow your capability to give your life meaning. We are unique animals, humans. We have a unique capability to shape the world around us due to our immense ability to understand the world. Whether we try to nor not, we cannot escape leaving our footprints on the Earth. So then we should turn our attention to what is our footprint on Earth. It is with a rational understanding that stewardship is the only way to meaningfully interact with the world. To act in such a way is to better that around you, however small it may be. That alone is the highest calling to us all. So love. Love your self, love the world as it is, and love the society you are born into. Use that love to better the world and make your footprint great. Inspire others!”

“Genes – Genetics; Memes – Memetics; Temes – Temetics; Genes are to biology what memes are to the mind and temes are to technology. The best genetic adaptations arise to ensure biological survival. The best memetic adaptations arise to ensure psychological survival. The best temetic adaptations arise to ensure technological survival.”

“‘For every virtue, there are two vices.’ I love that line, it is a paramount truth. Finding that middle ground of [crazy] because they know they can’t stop you from noticing but they can encourage you to fall apart because of it. You can black pill yourself all day. This has value, but also to your enemy. You have to be able to handle the despair, existential dread and disillusionment. Recognize that succumbing to these only feeds your enemy. Use this word when you think about it: succumb, think of it as a succubus energy and not in the sexy way, like an [evil entity] – who seems horrifying and insurmountable but ultimately it runs on [negative energy] and the only power you allow it to have.”

“Convenience only delays the inevitable. A life of ease merely offsets and delays one’s need to face and overcome hardships, while those who are able to address and approach challenges will necessarily benefit from the strength they’ve gained from overcoming adversity.” (paraphrased)

“What motivates people long term is people they look up to praising them or insulting their pride to create a rivalry. What motivates people short-term is threatening their safety and livelihood or giving out hedonistic rewards. Like candy. Your kid doesn’t look up to you if you did the second one, and probably resents you if you’ve threatened them.”

“You know what is funny, modern society sterilized culture so much to the point where there was a complete and total spiritual vacuum in most people, and still is. This is how you get people rejecting [good ideas] but accepting age-old BS like [bad ideas].”